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Rutherford County Schools is proud to partner with RHI Legacy Foundation through the RCS reFILL program. RCS is dedicated to providing access to safe, clean, free drinking water throughout the day by installing bottle filling stations in all schools. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations assure that public water supply is clean and safe before it leaves the water utility . However, lead plumbing parts (pipes, fittings, and fixtures) can contaminate water after it leaves the water main. RCS reFILL will give all students access to clean filtered water through “hydration stations” installed in every school. In addition, reusable water bottles have been provided for all students. 

The strategic goals of RCS reFILL are:

  • Build a dedicated team of stakeholders throughout the district committed to improving water access and consumption.
  • Ensure there is safe, free, and appealing drinking water accessible at all times during the day by installing hydration stations in a central location at each school.
  • Implement curriculum that promotes the health benefits of proper hydration.
  • Evaluate the RCS reFILL  program and make improvements as needed.